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Coaching is the art of forming relationships, through which we are activated to take charge of our life/work journeys. As a Co-active Certified CPCC Coach, I help people, teams, and organizations develop new capabilities (learning) and distance from ineffective mindsets, habits, and routines (unlearning).

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I offer a range of coaching services that I think are most effective for my target audience; especially to offer them flexibility in aligning the coaching process with their own circumstances.



As a starting point for a coaching relationship, it is helpful to have a first session to discover what you can gain from a coaching relation, specify your focus in the coaching process, know about the coaching process, and feel the chemistry. Most of the people who had a discovery session with me turned out to become my coachee; I am happy to offer a 50% discount on the discovery session. Read more and request a discovery session.



Coaching is effective when it is continuous, but focused on a specific question or challenge that you want to tackle in relation to your career development. A package of five sessions, with a frequency between weekly and monthly sessions, offers a rather deep and engaging coaching journey. Of course you have the flexibility to adapt this journey to best suit your own conditions along the way. If you are my first client, I often offer you a 35% discount.


For those who are at the early stage of their professional career or are in a career transition, I use the RESPECT methodology (Reflect, Explore, Spot, Plan, Effectuate, Calibrate, and Team-up) in a 7-session coaching process. This package is available for both individuals and teams (often in small teams of 5-7). This package offers you a comprehensive journey of designing your career, especially when you want to strategically design and shape your career. Read more ...



We all find ourselves in situations that we urgently need the help of a coach; a sudden decision, a major change, an urgent opportunity. Especially those who know me and have been my client before, often use single sessions of coaching for working out a specific issue.

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Coaching: Testimonials

Homa K. (Social Policy Advisor)

Mohammad is an amazing coach. He is a great listener, very skilled at highlighting the general theme and raising questions that lead to a deeper understanding. In a matter of only five sessions, he helped me with some of the most challenging personal and career decisions.
Not only Mohammad has fantastic coaching skills, but also his warm personality and open attitude make it very easy to trust and connect to him. I have always been looking forward to our sessions. In each session, Hossein has guided me to organize my thoughts, prioritize my questions and challenges, and gain clarity and a better understanding of myself. I am very grateful to have had Mohammad as a coach and would love to continue our coaching sessions in the future.



  • want to design your future career.

  • want to further develop your career.

  • want to make a wise transition in your career.

  • have ideas and plans, but you need to be activated.

  • need someone who can help you face challenging questions.

NO, IF YOU ...

  • expect me to tell your fortune!

  • look for someone who answers your career questions. 

  • need someone who knows the jobs that suit you (find a career counselor)

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